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Sensible Sevens
Overlooked by magnum maniacs, the 7x57, 7mm-08 and .280 Remington will do just about anything that needs doing with a .284 bore.
from Guns & Ammo, January 2005

by Craig Boddington
F&S Classic - The Old Suzy-Q
There is a cartridge that I have come to call The Old Suzy-Q. It is, friends and fellow fight fans, the .338 Winchester Magnum.
by David E. Petzal
The Versatile .280
From varmints to big game, the .280 Remington can do it all.
by Jim Carmichel
The Great .358
This heavyweight member of the .308 family hits like a truck and shoots flat enough for most real-world hunting situations.
by Craig Boddington
Around the world with a .30-06
The .30-06 in my 2006.
The hundred-year-old caliber got a round-the-world workout on my hunts this year.
by Craig Boddington

The .300 Holland & Holland
Despite a new wave of "Super .30s," the original still holds its own.
by Bob Forker

A Most Marvelous Metric
The 9.3mm holds the light heavyweight crown among European bore sizes and should be more popular stateside than it is.
by Craig Boddington

The 9.3x62 Mauser
A top performer overseas is gaining momentum in the U.S.  Here's why.
by Layne Simpson

The .30-06 in Africa
For plains game of any size, not many calibers beat the '06.
by Jim Carmichel
The 9.3x62 Mauser is making a strong come back!
by Chris Bekker
Happy 100th Birthday .30-06
The rifle cartridge used by generations of hunters and shooters celebrates its centennial.
by Jim Carmichel
Bully For The .405
Roosevelt's "big medicine" enjoys a revival.
from Guns & Ammo, February 2005
by Craig Boddington
Remington's 8x57 Classic
by Layne Simpson

The Forgotten 8x57
by Ed Turner

Return of the Big Medicine Rifle
Winchester and Hornady revive the 1895 rifle and the legendary .405 WCF Cartridge.
by Jeff John
The .35 Whelen
Old but capable, the .35 Whelen hangs on and may be the perfect cartridge for certain applications. 
The .35 Whelen in Zimbabwe
by Al Borchardt
The Ideal Big-Game Battery
Covering all the bases with an all-around battery.
by Terry Wieland

Plezier Mauser
In the Boer War, wealthy burghers' sporters were the terror of the kopies.
by Richard Venola
Play No. 33
Elmer Keith's pet caliber is as good as he said it was.
by Craig Boddington
The .416 Taylor Revisited
from Guns & Ammo, October 2006
by Craig Boddington
The .458 Winchester Magnum
Designed for Africa but All-American in its impact, this safari stopper is still a big bore to reckon with.
from Guns & Ammo, January 2005
by Stan Skinner
Beauty and the Beast
A serious look at a serious rifle!
Model 98 Mauser .458 Winchester Magnum
from Rifle Magazine, July-August 2003
by Phil Shoemaker