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Bob's Safari in South Africa,  May 2000   page 1

After a long flight from Atlanta and a long drive north from Johannesburg, the camp at the Mabelingwane Game Ranch was a welcome sight.

First night in camp. Bob went with his friends Kate and David. For all three, it was their first safari in Africa.  From left to right: Pieter (PH) owner of Mabelingwane Safaris, Eugene (PH), Kate, Pieter's wife Maretha, and David.

Bob with his first Impala
Ruger M77 Magnum in .375 H&H.
Handload: 300 gr Hornady Interlock round nose at 2480 fps

A view of the Mabelingwane Ranch property.
The ranch is about 18,000 acres in size.

Another view of the ranch property from the side of a koppie.

One of the watering holes located on the property.
This one is a particular favorite of the White Rhinos on the ranch

Two of the White Rhinos.

“We get three sorts and periods of enjoyment out of a hunting trip. The first is when the plans are being discussed and the outfit assembled; this is the pleasure of anticipation. The second is the enjoyment of the actual trip itself; and the third is the pleasure of retrospection when we sit round a blazing wood-fire and talk over the incidents and adventures of the trip. There is no general rule to know which of the three gives the keenest joy.”
--- Kermit Roosevelt, The Happy Hunting-Grounds, 1920

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