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Bob's Safari in South Africa,  May 2000   page 3

Maretha trying to relax with a good book but she seems to have company!

Kate enjoying a cocktail and the sunset from the lookout platform on the side of a koppie. This was the group's last night at Mabelingwane before heading south to the city of Warmbaths in order to hunt another location.

On the road to Warmbaths.

David with his Greater Southern Kudu
Ruger M77 Magnum in .375 H&H.
Handload: 300 gr Hornady Interlock round nose at 2480 fps.
Bob and David each took identical rifles and used the same handload recipe.

Kate with her Zebra
Ruger M77 Mk II in .338 Win Mag.
Handload: 250 gr Nosler Partition at 2650 fps.

A view of the main shopping district in the city of Warmbaths.

On the road headed to Johannesburg to catch the plane for the long flight home.

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