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Bob's Safari in South Africa, August 2002   page 1

Stopping for a snack on the drive north from Johannesburg to the game ranch.

After about a five hour drive from Johannesburg, we arrive at our destination.

Mabelingwane Game Ranch
A view of the ranch property from the side of a koppie.

Another view of the ranch property.

Ruger M77 Mk II in .30-06 Springfield.
Handload: 220 gr Woodleigh round nose at 2460 fps.

The Limpopo River
A view of the river looking downstream from the river camp.
The river is the border between South Africa and Botswana.

Another view of the river looking upstream from camp.
The opposite shore is Botswana.

“We get three sorts and periods of enjoyment out of a hunting trip. The first is when the plans are being discussed and the outfit assembled; this is the pleasure of anticipation. The second is the enjoyment of the actual trip itself; and the third is the pleasure of retrospection when we sit round a blazing wood-fire and talk over the incidents and adventures of the trip. There is no general rule to know which of the three gives the keenest joy.”
--- Kermit Roosevelt, The Happy Hunting-Grounds, 1920

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